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  • The strongest facts having a bona-fide Atlantis, but not, isn’t inside Spain, however, nearer to Plato’s domestic inside Greece

    This idea become with K.T. Freeze, a teacher of the past during the Queen’s College or university for the Belfast. Later, Spyridon Marinatos, an archaeologist, and you will Good.Grams. Galanopoulos, a beneficial seismologist, additional proof to Frost’s info.

    Frost advised you to in lieu of being to https://datingranking.net/de/asiatische-dating-sites/ the west of the latest Pillars of Hercules, Atlantis is east. The guy and additionally thought that the fresh new devastating avoid of your area had been not 9000 decades prior to Plato’s date, however, only 900. When it is actually genuine, the latest residential property out-of Atlantis might currently end up being a properly-understood place inside Plato’s date: the newest area from Crete.

    Following, relatively inside an excellent blink regarding a close look, brand new Minoan Society vanished. Geological studies have shown you to definitely for the an island we currently see due to the fact Santorinas, discover simply eighty miles on north from Crete, an emergency taken place which had been really capable of toppling this new Minoan condition. (more…)