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  • Title is inspired by the brand new Arabic keyword ‘’ badawi” meaning desert dweller

    The latest Bedouin also are nomads out of Arabic origin who live inside this new North-east regarding Africa but have and give all over Iraq in addition to Arabian Peninsula. Largely Muslim naturally, they tend goats and camels.


    The fresh new Dogon is actually a part of your Niger-Congo words category, a group from anything anywhere between eight hundred,100000 and you will 800,one hundred thousand. It live in communities during the a good defensive metropolises with the Main Plateau out of Mali and for the Burkina Faso. It’s thought that they in the first place went from the northern to avoid Islamisation and their existence revolve to the traditional faith though some are now Muslims and others, Christians. Fabled for its ways as well as their substantial degree. The brand new Dogon survive of the broadening harvest and staying livestock.

    Recognizing you to definitely definition of the latest North, it means one West Africa comprises the brand new Atlantic Seaside Places supposed south of Mauritania and you can turning west by way of Nigeria and also the Cameroons on the Equatorial Tree part. (more…)