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  • The entire Plot Ranging from Sandman & Raven Try Negatively Received

    ECW prided by itself toward becoming more, and no guidelines at play as opposed to the likes from WWE and you may WCW, however in 1996, it got that it innovative independence a little too far in the a debatable land anywhere between Raven therefore the Sandman. Raven are another profile, often talking within the long promos having a good philosophical element, demonstrating himself because somebody who are possibly unhinged. His signature angle create inform you your mimicking the newest crucifixion position, which played to the just what fundamentally taken place.

    Tyler, their guy, was also brainwashed, branding Sandman since an intoxicated, blaming him into the divorce having Lori, which he enjoyed Raven over his dad

    Immediately following installing his cult selection of “Raven’s Nest”, he climbed up the cards and you will feuded with the Sandman, and even dethroned him towards the ECW Industry Title. (more…)