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  • We discovered into the ASoS that if the guy realized the causes Aerys chosen him:

    Whenever Jaime is actually sooner reunited together with family members, it is produced specific you to definitely his travels from the Riverlands provides changed him within the an elementary way. The guy still has this new resentment which comes out of getting constantly misjudged, but we become nothing ideas for instance the consider he’s when highlighting regarding Joffrey’s death “Jaime is actually tired of lies” and you will Cersei’s opinion to your “you’re changed.”

    Tywin asked Jaime so you can forsake this new Kingsguard, that he got caught having for everybody ones decades for the spite off his disillusion and you may dishonour.

    Apparently regardless of his character, the fresh new Kingsguard is one thing the guy requires as an alternative surely, of course, if Tywin informs Jaime what’s requested out-of him, for the reason that purely Tywin-esque manner in which brooks no resistance, he refuses:

    That it ends up which have Tywin informing your “You are not my personal child. Your state you’re Lord Leader of your own Kingsguard, and only that. Really well, ser. Go do your responsibility.”

    For seemingly the first time in the adult lifetime, Jaime have turned his right back on their responsibility to accommodate Lannister towards a path and this have to apparently your in order to be more honourable. (more…)