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  • He was looked after throughout the clinic by the Annabeth Pursue carrying out its relationship, waking up three days after

    Chiron told Percy you to definitely Zeus missing his learn bolt, and because they have a competition which have Poseidon, he blames Percy, because Zeus suspects one to Poseidon is attempting to make use of their child so you can dethrone him due to the fact Percy was at New york (where Mount Olympus are) in the event that Bolt is actually lost

    The guy learned that he was at Camp 50 % of-Blood, an area where demigods like your was indeed taught to survive up against beasts.

    After being shown within the camp, he briefly existed on Hermes’ Cabin, in which all unclaimed demigods went since “Hermes actually fussy regarding the who the guy sponsors,” considering Luke Castellan, your head counselor for it cabin

    Percy learned that this new movie director of the go camping try the latest Greek drink goodness, Dionysus, who was simply really offensive and you will irritable, and you will Mr. Brunner, the previous Latin teacher regarding Yancy Academy, was the fresh champion-studies centaur (half-human, half of stallion), datingranking.net/caucasian-dating/ Chiron. Revealed as much as camp of the Annabeth, his the fresh friend and you can lead counselor of one’s Athena’s Cabin, the guy discovered that all the new campers was in fact demigods, called half-bloods. The guy himself is actually a demigod, however, no one realized out-of their divine father yet. Luke befriended Percy and you will managed your in respect regardless of if that they had some competition after Percy overcome Luke during the a great blade assaulting meets. (more…)