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    1. For patients that have HAP/VAP due to P. aeruginosa who aren’t when you look at the septic amaze or on a premier risk for demise, and also for which the outcome away from antibiotic drug sensitivity testing try identified, we advice monotherapy playing with an antibiotic drug to which the fresh separate is vulnerable unlike integration therapy (strong recommendation, low-high quality evidence).
    2. To possess customers with HAP/VAP on account of P. aeruginosa which stay static in septic shock or at the a leading exposure to have demise in the event the outcome of antibiotic drug sensitivity research try identified, i strongly recommend consolidation procedures having fun with 2 antibiotics to which the brand new isolate was vulnerable as opposed to monotherapy (weak recommendation, suprisingly low-top quality facts).
    3. To possess clients that have HAP/VAP on account of P. aeruginosa, i encourage facing aminoglycoside monotherapy (solid recommendation, suprisingly low-high quality proof). (more…)