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  • Western BL – BL/Gay Dramas and you will clips 80’s so you’re able to 2021

    ***(Titles having (only) Trans characters; not provided–an excellent Trans lady exactly who loves guys was straight, maybe not gay.Crossdressing has nothing regarding gender identity so headings that have cross-putting on a costume boys that like guys; included.Bodyswap is actually (reluctantly) integrated.Bromance when there is a keen implication that it’s/is certainly going past friendship)***

    Note; To make it effortless; I’ll just https://datingrating.net/local-hookup/darwin/ call BL, even when it might be significantly more correct to state; stories on the males who will be attracted to people. “Homosexual motif” and BL are a couple of different things.But for as long as one could give fantasy out of reality–it is a handy word. (more…)