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  • “For this reason I Fell deeply in love with You”

    Thank you for the beautiful safety and you can and also for all support!

    That it section occurs blog post IWTB, before The Renewal. A tiny smut, angst, and you will fluff – to put it differently, TXF.

    “Mulder, there is too many anything doing work against us, ranging from foot size and stride, and you can domineering personalities…By the end during the day we may end up in separate households.”

    Scully trigger and you can stumbled and you may Mulder curved to capture this lady in advance of they both hit the surface. “I’m not giving up,” the guy answered.

    Laws #1: Mulder and you will Scully just practice Platonic Sex

    In some way she knew he was likely to say that. (more…)