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  • Divergence directory (fundamental deviation/mean) from Ka and you will Ks computed according to the seven different methods regarding twelve vertebrate species

    On the boxplots, straight down quantile, median, and you may upper quantile was in fact portrayed throughout the packages. Indicate viewpoints had been depicted during the dots. Outliers was in fact eliminated to help make the patch simple. The quantity codes towards the vertebrate varieties was: step 1, chimp; dos, orangutan; step 3, macaque; cuatro, horse; 5, dog; 6, cow; 7, guinea-pig; 8, mouse; nine, rat; 10, opossum; 11, platypus; and you will a dozen, chicken.

    Brand new part of shared genes of Ka, Ks and you can Ka/Ks based on GY in contrast to almost every other eight methods when it comes off slash-out of (A, B), means (C, D), and species (E, F). Outliers was eliminated to really make the plots simple. The quantity codes to the varieties are identical since the what in Profile step one.

    So it influence ideal one to the Ka values have not contacted saturation but really

    The methods used in this study cover a wide range of mutation models with different complexities. (more…)