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  • How the Smartphone is Redefining Dating Norms

    But the average age of marriage is creeping up. And the when, where and how we’re meeting our spouse-to-be is changing too, driven by the digital age we’ve been thrown into.

    Today’s dating environment is more diffuse and more competitive than ever, as dating apps compete for our attention and affection, all the while gathering and analyzing our information. It is fundamentally redefining the dating norms we’ve known for the past half century. But is the data driving us to make the right romantic decisions?

    Digitizing the matchmaking process makes us more reliant on data than ever. Before Match launched in 1995, chemistry – with an assist from serendipity – was the primary driver of matchmaking throughout most of modern Western culture.

    Tinder, one of the most well-known and heavily used dating apps today, has 50 million users in 196 countries and produces 26 million “matches” a day. In November, Tinder released a new algorithm that incorporates both technical and informational data points.

    The first generation of dating apps put the onus of finding a match squarely on the user: scroll through pages of profiles, scanning photos and examining other sundry details

    Digital dating platforms provide the illusion of having unlimited choice, challenging traditional dating norms. (more…)

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