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  • Labelling of axes issues should always be put on products, never to numbers

    Each axis ought to be labelled making use of the quantity together with devices (or no). Level issues should always be put on devices, never to data or quantities, by using the best SI prefixes for multiples and sub-multiples (see Appendix A). Including, an axis showing lengths which range from 0 to 120 mm should-be labelled:

    and never length, m × 10 3 or length × 10 3 m.

    Whenever non-dimensional quantities is plotted, it’s ambiguous to make use of a level factor in the axis label. For instance, if an axis are branded p × 10 3 , it is really not obvious whether p has already been increased by 10 3 , or whether lots review through the graph need to be increased by 10 -3 . With degrees of this kind, place the measure factor at the end of the axis.

    Design and speech

    The place you need a selection, suck the chart so it may be study making use of the page in regular place. This may often be possible with portrait-style graphs where y-axis was longer than the x-axis.

    The right way of labelling the y axis (following technical drawing convention your text try viewed through the right-hand part) would be to experience the text run vertically from bottom with the axis to reach the top. The axis labels is located centrally, using text run parallel into the axis.

    Level fresh things obviously with unique signs such ‘×’ or ‘+’. (more…)

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