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  • Plus in 1982 the impossible: the Cougar name adorned a section truck

    The 1983 Mercury Cougar

    F ord engine organization was at a serious economic difficulties through the very early 1980s. Not merely performed the petroleum crisis, the economic climate and recession, and emissions regulations on the later part of the seventies significantly crimp any forward progress in the automotive sector, the styling of these age appeared to be in some a rut. Really the only modern-looking automobile that Ford developed had been the new Mustang (and probably the Fairmont Futura). Given, with Chrysler near personal bankruptcy and GM shedding orous time for you be in the automobile industry. Still, Ford believed they can pulling the proverbial rabbit outside of the hat at some point.

    In 1980, the Cougar was suddenly downsized from the previous two-ton heft and place regarding the Fox framework, discussed by many more Ford cars during the time. Mechanically this was outstanding move, as it future-proofed the vehicle. The styling, though, ended up being boxy and general, a simple massaging in the previous human body which ended up lookin a tiny bit sterile. (more…)