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  • Relationship and you will Dating: Japanese people don’t day much even so they wed still

    Sagami, Japan’s top condom team, held a survey into the sex in Japan into the 2013. The answers are extremely interesting, and that i always make reference to them. However, here will not appear to be adequate advice in English, and so i chose to come up with they.

    The newest survey is actually presented inside with fourteen,one hundred respondents that have the same shipment of age (twenties on sixties), gender, and you may location (prefecture). Brand new respondents completed the fresh new survey online.

    By the way, Sagami renders big condoms. Though I commonly choose for Okamoto, other most useful-level condom company for the Japan, one another companies are great. You will find never ever pick condoms as nice as theirs. Once you know much better of them, delight tell me!

    Results: twenty two.6% of twenty-some thing the male is hitched as opposed to 60.7% of the 30-something boys. For girls, brand new percent was 47.2% for twenty-some thing and you may 74.8% to own 30-anything.

    56.4% from Japanese single males inside their twenties was solitary, while 67% regarding Japanese guys inside their 30s try single. In terms of girls, brand new number are forty.9% (20s) and you can 54.4% (30s).

    Today, think about this: if you’re 43% of one’s males in their twenties was unmarried, how many single men and women falls so you’re able to 26.3% of your own men inside their 30s. (more…)