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  • Margaret Mead: Human nature and the Strength out-of Community Papua The new Guinea: Intercourse and Attitude

    Shortly after a field trip to Nebraska during the 1930 to analyze this new Omaha Indigenous Us citizens, she and her spouse, Reo Luck, 2nd lead towards Sepik region of Papua The latest Guinea to possess a couple of years. If you https://datingrating.net/nl/daten/ are around Mead performed groundbreaking work at intercourse awareness. She desired and determine from what the quantity moody differences between new genders had been culturally computed as opposed to natural. She revealed their findings during the Sex and you will Temperament into the About three Primitive Societies (1935) and you will looked the subject further within the next years which have Female and male (1949).

    Mead found a special trend of male and female choices in the each of the cultures she analyzed, all different out-of intercourse role standard in america in the that point. She receive among the many Arapesh a personality for both men and you can people which was soft, receptive, and you may collaborative. Among the Mundugumor (now Biwat), both men and women had been criminal and you may aggressive, seeking energy and status. On the Tchambuli (today Chambri), men and women temperaments was indeed not the same as both, their being prominent, impersonal, and you will managerial and men reduced responsible and a lot more emotionally depending. (more…)