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  • Implications in our results reveal that TMH will be delivered dependably throughout the big businesses, and its particular effects for the rSO

    dos can be monitored with NIRS in most patients. Its delivery is reliably associated with increased levels of rSO2, and the relatively higher rSO2 is sustained over the duration of surgery, an observation that has not been reported in the literature. Furthermore, TMH ent of immediate postoperative delirium. A clinical concern of mild hypercapnia is hypercapnic-induced acidosis and the subsequent development of hyperkalaemia. 40 In the present study, we found no association between hypercapnia and serum potassium concentration, a finding also supported by others.41 We did not observe any other deleterious or adverse effects from hypercapnic-induced acidosis such as cardiac arrhythmias in our study. (more…)