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  • Alphonse, likewise, feels as though younger sis one Selena never ever had

    Little try shown about their relationship, and yet he’s very close friends; Riza ‘s the closest females buddy that Selena possess. Even with becoming the woman manager, Selena is actually demonstrated to hear Riza’s enter in to your a lot of things and will rise above the crowd hearing her guidance (generally for you to handle Roy).

    Due to the fact an effective testament on their close friendship, Selena named Riza because the girl son’s godmother along with Riza become her bridesmaids from the her’s and Roy’s relationships. Whenever Riza got married to help you Rebecca Catalina, Selena is the girl biggest advocate and could rise above the crowd entering numerous fights that have homophobes exactly who possibly made comments about their (Riza and Rebecca’s (sure, iLucxfer boats RizEcca/RebIza)) intimate issues or maybe just generated vile comments often behind its backs or to its faces. (more…)