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  • Tinder then takes this collected data and uses it to help find potential matches for the user

    Building a dating app like Tinder is much the same as building a relationship – it takes time (which in the case of app development, means money) to develop something special. If you’ve been keeping up with our How much does it cost? series, you’ll be familiar with the app development cost equation: Feature set + scale + hourly rate = total development cost. (more…)

    Dont: Wait Forever to Ask Your Match Out

    “When it comes to starting a conversation, ask a question, answer that question yourself, then ask again – in your first communication,” says Laurel House, a dating and relationship coach and host of the Man Whisperer podcast. “This breaks through the ice, tells them something about who you are, and gives an example of the type of response you how to get back from them.”

    “Heres a simple system for asking someone out: Let the initial Tinder exchange come to a natural conclusion, and then write something like, ‘We should meet for a drink. Whats your number?” says Barrett. “Thats all it takes.”

    Do: Be Straightforward About How Serious You Are

    “Dating apps and online dating make casual ‘hangouts not only easy, but expected,” notes House. “If you’re sick of the casual ‘hangout that leads to a casual non-committal relationship, you need to take control of the dating platform and set the expectation of being serious and on-purpose for a real relationship by creating opportunities for real connection through pre-date conversations where you ask real substantive questions and make an effort to pre-qualify. Then go on a real date. Not a coffee date or a quick drink, but a date.”

    Dont: Get Sexual

    “Dont get sexual with your initial Tinder or text messages,” cautions Barrett. “Think friendly, not filthy. Sounding too turned on too soon can come across as vulgar. But if youre witty, flirt a little. On Tinder, wit goes a long way and makes you stand out.An opener thats flirty and funny wont just break the ice. It will melt the ice.”

    Do: Confirm Your Date

    “Text to confirm your date, time, and location the day before or morning of the date by saying, ‘Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at X at X p.m.!,” suggests House. (more…)