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  • Trans people promoting sex for the Athens and you will Salonica generally discussed moving to Western Berlin seem to from the 1970s beforehand

    Just what autobiographical sources that we discovered don’t include is actually one mention of the good pimp/mate pushing some trans female to move so you can Western Berlin otherwise guaranteeing these to desire this

    188 Each other people that had been through intercourse-affirming surgery into the Casablanca, like Belinda, and people who had not done so, for example Vakalidou, was indeed searching for for example a relocation. 189 Precisely why all these women moved away from Greece to Western Berlin is doubled: monetary and you may cultural. 190 Western Berlin, because Vakalidou advertised, lured Greek trans females attempting to sell intercourse similar to the latest ‘the latest world’ seduced migrants. 191 More over, since Stellou contended, Greek trans people considered that the brand new owners regarding Western Berlin was indeed mainly a lot more sympathetic so you can trans girls compared to Greece. 192 Although not, Greek trans female weren’t necessarily aware of modern advancements in West Berlin, which i said in the earlier part, prior to it migrated to that particular city. Alternatively, within the appraising West Berlin just like the ‘liberal’, the present autobiographies show that they certainly were accustomed the record through to the Nazi era. Likening West Belin on 1970s to help you Berlin for the Weiong trans women who was in fact gender labourers when you look at the Athens and you can Salonica and you will seemingly have pass on through the grapevine. 193 Crucially, Stellou recounted one Berlin are fabled for their intimate transparency, specifically for the Weimar Republic. (more…)