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  • From Tinder to Grindr to Bumble, here are top 5 dating apps you must have in your phone

    Dating apps have definitely made our lives easier and just by right swiping or pinging personal message on the apps, we can at times even find our soulmate too.

    New Delhi: Social media has become a powerful tool to connect to people far and wide, across countries. It has definitely made our life easier and just by a single click, we can get to know what is happening around the world. Not just news, social media apps have advanced to such a level that we can also find our life partners just by one single click. Be it Tinder’s right swipe to pinging a message on Bumble, all these apps have definitely helped us find our soul mates online. Earlier, all the match-making sites were in practice, however, in today’s age, people have started resorting to these dating apps to find their soulmates.

    Here’s a list of top 5 dating apps you can use

    When it comes to dating apps, Tinder turns out to be one of the most famous dating apps. Tinder gives us the opportunity to meet new people and interact with them online. Tinder has the highest number of users as well. (more…)

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