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  • Parthenogenetic tetraploid (*); Parthenogenetic diploid (+); bisexual (o)
    One or two analyses was in fact achieved: very first, the observations was in fact categorized of the version of population (bisexual diploid, parthenogenetic diploid and you will parthenogenetic tetraploid); about second studies, the brand new separation expectations is the foundation of the people

    Away from for every single population a haphazard try is drawn. Pet was basically anesthetized with a few droplets of water soaked that have chloroform and you will females, usually over 20 (but LMT, and therefore underwent a leading death in culture) were split on the others. The next morphological details had been quantified into the for each and every females: full duration; intestinal length; depth of third intestinal phase; depth of your own ovisac; duration of furca; number of setae inserted on each department of furca; thickness out-of lead; maximal diameter and you can length between compound attention; amount of earliest antenna; while the ratio intestinal duration ? step one00/full size. Shape 2 depicts such aforementioned body methods. In every circumstances, a comparable number of individuals for each duration interval try integrated under control to not ever prejudice show through the testing. Preadult citizens were regarded as better.

    This multivariate procedure provides a series of variables (Z1, Z2,…), Which are linear functions of the morphological variables studied, with the form Zn = ?1X2+?2X2+… (Where ?s are the calculated discriminant coefficients and Xs the variables being considered). They maximize the ong different groups of observations defined a priori (Anderson, 1984). (more…)