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  • Cartman and you will Heidi, which just rejected getting involved in the intercourse battle within college, get involved in any event

    An appealing starting sees the brand new boys’ ‘Weiners Out’ audience lead by the Butters, because girls are direct of the Nelly, a difficult-as-nails lady who has got featured opposite Butters in a number of periods from time to time, particularly season 11’s “Record” and you can seasons 12‘s “Canada to your Strike”, however their you are able to battle was interrupted by the Cartman and you can Heidi’s arrival. Instantly they think this new Gender War moved too much and you can needs their intervention, and suddenly, Desktop computer Prominent gets the electricity he said he failed to so you’re able to simply order Butters to get up their jeans.

    The storyline comes to link within the an awkward style, while the Heidi and you will Cartman plan to offer the college with her by the taking its class mates to operate along with her to raise currency to own TrollTrace, hence last event are reported in-market once the almost over to the television development. (more…)