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  • This shows one to crossbreed cattle is actually sexually alot more precocious than simply warm cows ( Wassie ainsi que al

    In order to best understand the aftereffect of the brand new crossbreeding with the sexual precocity regarding crossbreed pet, the new AFC try analyzed considering: hybrid variety of, race from sire mothers (bull and you will inseminated regional cattle), hybridization peak and you can inventory facilities

    Data extracted from the analysis of herd records were entered in Excel. The descriptive statistical analysis of the age at first calving (calculation of frequencies, means, standard deviations, minimum and maximum) was made with the XLSTAT software (6.1.9 release). These parameters were analyzed by ANOVA and the results were compared using the Newman-Keuls test. Differences were considered significant for p < 0.05.

    The fresh new suggest ages initially calving for everybody types build are ± months, symbolizing everything three years (2 yrs eleven weeks 19 days ± 11 months twenty four hours). (more…)