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  • With a second and third misconception fixed, why don’t we turn our very own attention to Yahowsha’s actual title

    To begin, let’s consider the problems of consistency and benefit. ” While i possess already mentioned (as well as tell you regarding the Dabar – Keyword part associated with the Volume of Yada Yah), discover 260 names looking more than 10,100 minutes from inside the Scripture which make use of “Yah” contained in this them. Very please consider the alternative that Yahowah’s essential name manage not used in one to record.

    Extremely most of the very important label, name, and you may phrase for the Yahowah and you can all of our yashuw’ah / salvation carries God’s trademark: “Yah

    The next notion I’d like you to definitely envision relative to this new legitimacy away from Ma’aseyah instead of Mashiach and you may Messiah ‘s the quantity of moments you to definitely rather than additional looks into the God’s Phrase. You might be surprised to learn that we understand certainly that Ma’aseyah and Ma’seyahuw were authored twenty-three times throughout the Prophets and you can Weblog (for the Yirmayahuw / Jeremiah, in 12 Chronicles, into the Ezra / Ezrah, plus in Nachemyah / Nehemiah). (more…)