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  • To use dating sites, especially one like eHarmony that requires detailed profile, you’ll literally be giving up everything about yourself

    eHarmony legitimacy – overview:

    Is eHarmony safe?

    eHarmony is safe. Another important consideration when using an online platform is safety; which is the ability of the platform to safeguard the sensitive information that you share with it. Where the site offers paid services, you’ll also be giving off payment card details. The last thing you’ll want is for your personal information and credit card details to end up in the wrong hands (such as online fraudsters and identity thieves). Thus, the ideal online dating site should not only be legit (in not ripping people off and serving love) but should also be safe in ensuring that members’ data do not leak out.

    eHarmony does relatively well in this regards. In its privacy policy, eHarmony states that it has extensive security measures in place to protect members’ data. These measures include SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and 3DES (strong encryption). While 3DES may not always get the high fives, SSL is definitely the industry standard for creating private connections between devices communicating on the internet. Not only is data funnelled through a private channel, but its also encrypted to ensure that even if it is captured it cannot be read by the hackers.

    It must be said that eHarmony has once (2012) had security breached. However, credit card details were not exposed; as the breach only resulted from their password database being compromised. Affected members were swiftly communicated; telling them to have their passwords changed. (more…)