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  • We dissected each part of the adductor mandibulae from just one side of every specimen

    Pursuing the Westneat (Westneat, 2003), we failed to are the A1 inside our bite force design to target the big mouth closers: A2 and you can A3

    Cranial morphology off Thalassoma lucasanum. (A) Three subdivisions of adductor mandibulae complex. The fresh A1 might have been detached from its provider to the preopercle and you will gone to help you inform you the positioning of your own A3, which is medial into A1. (B) Morphometric proportions used in MandibLever step three.step three. All twelve dimensions meanings and line shade realize Westneat (Westneat, 2003): 1–3 may be the during the-lever lengths out-of A2, A3 and you will jaw starting, respectively; cuatro ‘s the out-lever size; 5 is the period of this new A2; six is the length of the fresh new A3; 7 is the A3 tendon duration; 8 and you may 9 are distances away from for every strength subdivision’s supply to help you the newest chin joint; ten ‘s the length involving the A2 and also the A3 installation points; eleven is the length from the tip of your own chin so you’re able to the new A2 subdivision installation; a dozen is the duration within idea of beginning when you look at the-lever for the tip off mouth. (C,D) Four-bar linkage program when you look at the finalized and opportunities, respectively. (more…)