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  • Relationship is a foremost interest out-of Egyptian community

    Muslims believe ily occasion. Religious ily occasion.Each other Muslims and you will Christians trust: • Prenatal worry is often maybe not sought for once the pregnancy are “natural.”• Pregnant women will be other people, consume well and you can do-little work.• Dads commonly expected to participate in pregnancy, work or beginning• Father ‘ s whisper “ Azaan ” during the newborn ‘ s ear canal (a trip so you can prayer) • Naming ceremony one week immediately after beginning, collection components of “ Islamic ” (otherwise Coptic) and you can “ traditional ” issues, this can be a household celebration to carry the infant into the family• Commonly moms and dads do not breastfeed until adopting the very first a couple of days because the colustrum is thought are dangerous, even though both Copt and you may Muslim girls nipple-feed students for two years (Koranic directive)• The people is circumcised constantly since children and you can female was “ circumcised ” ahead of puberty. The form of vaginal mutilation may differ, survey indicates on 97% off Egyptians women each other Christian and you can Muslim will suffer.

    Coptic Christians 9% and other Christian step 1%: Over 90% from Egyptian Christians get into new native Coptic orthodox chapel out-of Alexandria

    In all elements of Egypt and certainly one of the social categories, that have pupils is regarded as the number one true blessing of all. (more…)