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  • Usually found in structure, from inside the significantly the same relations regarding participation otherwise proximity, and you will import or sequence

    Perform don’t promote any group meetings

    Rev And you may shortly after*step one ((3326 meta= accompanying, in the middle of, certainly, adopting the, hence, hereafter, since)) 3 days*2 (2250 hemera= sitting/domesticated time period) and you may (an) half*step 3 ((semi big date/period)) (the) spirit ((mental state of mind, quickening (lifetime times), blast of head))*cuatro off lives*5 off Jesus ((2316 theos = the general identity regarding deities or divinities)) inserted into them and you can (they) endured ((2476 histemi= kept, proceeded, committed)) through to ((1909 epi= into the, on account of)) their ((additional persons (followers/children after that accumulate))) base ((4228 pou= footstool)) and you may ((2532 kai= both)) high ((3173 megas= higher, big)) anxiety ((5401 phobos= security, fright)) dropped ((4098 pipto= regarding dropping)) upon ((because of)) (whatever it) spotted ((2334 theoreo= (had been the newest)visitors, beholder, seemed to the, recognized, saw))

    *step one shortly after = 3326 meta met-ah’ a first preposition (will used adverbially); securely, denoting musical accompaniment; “amid” (local otherwise causal); altered variously according to circumstances (genitive organization, or accusative succession) that it’s entered; consuming an advanced updates anywhere between apo – apo 575 otherwise ek – ek 1537 and eiV – eis 1519 otherwise proV – advantages 4314; quicker sexual than just en – dentro de 1722 much less personal than 4862):–after(-ward), X which he once again, against, certainly one of, X and, + realize, which, hereafter, inside the, of, (up-)on, + our very own, X and you can means, because, (un-)so you’re able to, + along with her, when, that have (+ -out). (more…)