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    We would like to such see Dr Murray’s report, within his essay on the Dialect of the South Areas from Scotland, at p. 29, you to definitely “Barbour on Aberdeen, and Richard Rolle de Hampole close Doncaster, penned due to their numerous countrymen in the same similar dialect.” The fresh new department between the English of your Scottish Lowlands in addition to English off Yorkshire was strictly governmental, with zero reference to competition otherwise message, however, only so you’re able to area; and yet, because the Dr Murray feedback, new endeavor to own supremacy “generated every one often an Englishman otherwise a great Scotchman, and made English and you may Scotch names regarding division and you will bitter enmity.” Therefore strong, actually, is actually the latest office ergo written it provides proceeded for the modern day; therefore will be quite difficult right now so you’re able to persuade a local of Scottish Lowlands-unless of course they are good philologist-that he’s apt to be of Anglian lineage, and also to has actually a far greater title to be entitled an “Englishman” than simply an indigenous out of Hampshire otherwise Devon, which, whatsoever, is merely a beneficial Saxon. (more…)

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