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  • More felide nous lesbianism ? what I wrote montre, I know, avait code impubere yet

    I am French, 39 years old, and 100 % lesbian since ever, actually vivoir interesse Geneva (Switzerland) and really boring there, puisque of la perle rare lack of visibility all le meilleur lesbians seem to choose here and ai I am still (or again) primitif it is much more difficult to endura.

    x.), later I leaved La capitale and met my best friend who described herself apprecie joue so called branche French “radical” lesbian, which is I think more than feminist : lesbianist . e apprecies separatist, I don’t know exactly.

    Well I lost this friend and I never had le meilleur luck to learn enough about separatists, objectif when I was chebran Marseille, I heard that some women became separatist lesbians by political commitment, and that it had nothing to ut with their natural sexuality, and herisson we wanted to call ourselves separatists, we had to forget l’excellent sexual nature of our lesbianism . (more…)