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  • Synonyms: double-header; head-over-heels; head-over-heels in love; loop-de-loop; [late sixties play hoop snake] p’s and you can q’s

    sister: a bottom, we.elizabeth., a masculine which favors the latest couch potato character during the anal intercourse [Filed off,Wei Lee, Dictionary regarding Homosexual Slang]

    Yet not, because of the 19th 100 years the word was generally considered in order to mean specifically men-gay serves

    Sixty-Nine: common fellatio ranging from a few individuals, whose postions of these two curled bodies strongly recommend this new numeral 69. 69 is actually dental intercourse you to several individuals participate in likewise. Sixty-nine tends to be involved with from the one or two people exactly who practice fellatio, one or two ladies who manage cunnilingus, or by the lady and a man that undertaking fellatioand others cunnilingus.

    six-pack: 1.half a dozen containers otherwise container regarding beer, inserted that have synthetic otherwise cardbord2.well-put up abs that look such as a package off beer cans [Registered regarding,Wei Lee, Dictionary out of Homosexual Slang]

    size queen: A homosexual that is concerned with the duration of his partners penis. [John is actually a mass king if you don’t have a keen 8 inch knob, he’ll not offer the period.]

    body flute: identity to your manhood [ Was a student in well-known use in the ’70s and you will ’80s hardly used on late ’90s]

    epidermis space: gay steam shower enclosures, where sex, orgy-concept, is much more prominent as compared to showers. Syn: baths; church; den; den from sin; flesh facility; hygiene hallway; body space; the brand new tubs; whorehouse

    skinned-back: circumcised dick Syn: sliced penis; cleaned; clipped penis; cut becoming a gentleman; kosher; kosher-dill; koshermeat; kosher-style; reasonable neck; nipped; skinned; short sleeves; twenty-twenty. (more…)